Megabox HD

Download Megabox HD iOS for iPhone or iPad

Megabox HD iOS

Megabox HD iOS for iPhone and iPad allows users to watch movies and TV Shows on the go. Download links and installation instructions are given in this article.

Today many people’s work schedule is not only hectic but also comes with erratic timings. Because of this many are unable to stipulate or keep aside a fixed time for entertainment. This has resulted in them losing out on watching their favorite TV shows or movies. However, all hope is not lost. Despite a hectic work schedule, many still take some time out for entertainment. This is because it is needed to take some stress out of the work-life.

Download Megabox HD iOS

Megabox HD for iOS

You can also download Megabox HD v1.0.6 latest version for other devices:

The installation process is given on the homepage, if you are unable to install this app then checkout the step by step process.

So if you are one of those with hectic work schedules but still miss the entertainment, then hope is at hand in the form of MegaBox HD. What is it exactly you might wonder? For the tech-savvy people, this is like a blessing in disguise. Yes, MegaBox HD is a free entertainment streaming app. It enables movies and TV show enthusiasts to watch their desired videos at their convenient time and place. This app was primarily designed with Android users in mind. However, the same has been tweaked, adjusted, and modified for installation in other devices as well. So if you are a proud owner of an iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device, then it is in your interest to read this article further down.


The MegaBox HD app can be downloaded onto an iOS, iPhone, or iPad without doing the jailbreak. So even iOS device owners can enjoy the entertainment of watching movies and TV shows freely on their device by means of MegaBox HD. For the needed motivation to start the download process, firstly it is important to consider a few features of this app. This will provide the needed impetus. So to name a few features of the MegaBox app:

  • The MegaBox HD app has the capacity to support all types of devices.
  • Using this app, all high-quality videos such as TV shows and movies can be streamed without any cost.
  • The app also offers the choice to download the videos in the resolution that you prefer such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p just like on your PC.
  • The search engine is very user-friendly and without wasting time, you can get hold of your favorite shows and program. The user interface has been brilliantly designed making it very simple and proactive.
  • There is a provision to access the movies in both online and offline modes.
  • There is an air cast or casting feature which helps to cast the movie or TV show onto the TV screen as well.

Install Megabox HD on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

So without wasting any more time, let’s consider the steps on how to download and install the MegaBox HD on an iOS device. It is very important to choose the right version as applicable to your device. For instance, in iOS 9.3 version the MegaBox HD app seems to work perfectly and smoothly without any issues.

In order to download the MegaBox HD onto your iOS device, there are certain steps that need to be taken prior to the actual download. Firstly the vShare app has to be downloaded. Once this app is downloaded and installed, it is very easy to now download the MegaBox HD app. The steps are as detailed below:

  • Open the vShare app.
  • In the search bar, type MegaBox HD.
  • From the search result, select the MegaBox HD app and start the download process.
  • After the download is complete, there is one more important step that needs to be done. Click on the “trust app”. This message will be shown when you click on the MegaBox HD iOS app. That’s all that is required to be done.

However, sometimes while downloading the MegaBox HD app, some small minor issues might be encountered. For instance,

  • Sometimes the vShare app for iOS might not download completely. So wait for a few minutes for it to load properly.
  • You might be required to change the date to 2011-2012 while downloading the MegaBox HD app. This may be required as during this time the apps can be installed without any blockage issues.


The MegaBox HD app is highly recommended for those movie buffs who love to watch movies in high definition and who prefer to watch movies of all genres. MegaBox HD definitely stands out from all the rest of the similar apps available today.