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Megabox HD App lets you watch latest TV Shows and Movies. You can download it for Android, iOS and PC.


Watching Movies and TV Shows on the go on Android or iOS smartphones has became the mainstream platform for entertainment. MegaboxHD is the perfect app for this, it has a good collection of movies and shows with a great interface.


Huge Library

Get access to a collection of thousands of latest Movies and TV Shows.



Movies and TV Shows streaming is very fast as every thing is hosted on fast cloud storage.


Quick Updates

Megabox library and the app itself is updated regularly with improvements.


Easy To Use

Megabox has a beautiful, easy to use and fast UI.

easy share

Easy Share

You can share any Movie or TV show with your friends.


Multiple Devices

Download Megabox for Android, iOS or Windows PC.


megabox hd for android
megabox hd apk
Download Megabox HD for your preferred device.

What our users say

Testimonials from our frequent users.

This app is works great on my iPhone. I love watching TV shows and Megabox just makes it so much easier. There are some older shows which are not available anywhere else.
megabox hd official
Natalie Jones
I recently got recommend Megabox from one of my friend and it's just the best. I am a Actor myself so watching Movies inspires me in Acting and now I can just watch anywhere.
megabox hd official
Carly Incontro
I am always busy with my office work so I don't get time to watch TV but this app helps a lot. Megabox in installed on my One Plus 7 and I can watch movies during breaks.
megabox hd official
One of the cools apps for watching TV shows, best thing is it is completely free. I am a Twitch streamer so I am mostly on my PC, when Megabox HD got released for PC, it was the best thing.
megabox hd official
Matt King


Here we answered the most Frequently Asked Questions about Megabox HD.

No.  There is no login or registration required to access its service.  Everything is provided free of cost.

As a precaution, it is always suggested to use a VPN.  This is required so that your privacy and security are never compromised.

No, if MegaBox HD is downloaded from trusted links then there is no risk of any malware or any virus.  It is completely safe to use. However downloading some copyrighted material may cause trouble.

All android devices are compatible with MegaBox HD such as Android Smartphone, Android Smart TV, FireStick, FireTV, NVIDIA shield and so on.

The best and quickest way is to clear the cache data.  Once all this cache data is cleared, the MegaBox HD will again run smoothly.

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React out to use if you have any problems with the Megabox HD Official app. We respond to all the queries within 2-3 business days.