Megabox HD

Download Megabox HD for PC (Windows)

Megabox HD for PC

Megabox HD for PC lets you stream movies and tv shows on your Windows PC for free. Download links and installation instructions are given below.

The favorite pastime for many is watching movies or TV shows in the confines of their own home or some other familiar surroundings. Also due to work pressures and other commitments, today many are unable to set apart a stipulated time for watching the TV shows. Others may be constantly traveling. So given these circumstances, many may find it difficult to watch regular TV shows or catch up on the latest movies. However, technology has understood the travails of today’s working class.

The answer to all these issues is in the form of a new app known as the MegaBox HD. It is an online streaming app by which the user can watch all the favorite TV shows and movies as well.

Megabox HD for PC

Megabox HD PC

Before downloading the app make sure you have Bluestacks or Nox installed on your PC. This app requires an Android Emulator to work on Windows. You can download either Bluestacks or Nox from here:

The app MegaBox HD has been primarily developed with the Smartphone user in mind. Because of its unique features, it has become the most downloaded app under the entertainment category. However, keeping in mind its increasing popularity, this app can now also be installed on to a windows PC or Laptop. So if you are an avid watcher of movies or TV shows and prefer watching them on the big screen rather than on a small smartphone, then do not dismiss this article by thinking this is definitely not for you.

You can download Megabox HD app for other devices also, select the one you want and proceed to get the latest version v1.0.6

Install Megabox HD on Windows PC?

Even though the MegaBox HD app has been primarily developed with Android and iOS users in mind, this app can be downloaded and installed in a PC/Laptop. However, the procedure for downloading and installing it in a PC involves a few more additional steps.

First and foremost, before the MegaBox HD app can be installed in the PC, there is another app that needs to be loaded onto the PC. That is known as the Android Emulator. The Android Emulator as the name suggests is an app that allows the PC to emulate the Android phone’s distinct features. There are many good Android emulators available. The best one among them is BlueStacks. Then there is the Nox Player as well. Firstly, to give a few details about BlueStacks. Visit the official BlueStacks website that is Download the BlueStacks installer and start the free installation. This is a prerequisite that needs to be completed.

If you own a Windows 7 or 8 or 10, after downloading the BlueStacks app, your computer is ready for MegaBox HD installation. The steps are:

  • Open the BlueStacks app and search for the MegaBox HD app. Click on the download link provided and the installation process will start immediately.
  • Once the MegaBox HD app is downloaded and installed, you can start watching movies and other TV shows on your computer.

For those discreet and careful viewers, there may be some doubts regarding MegaBox HD. First and foremost is whether this app is legal. Yes, this app is 100% legal. So it can be safely downloaded and installed. However, some of the content provided may be pirated and therefore deemed illegal. For example, it is safe and wise to only stream videos that are available in the public domain and also ensure that the material has permission for copyrights from the original owner. That way you can ensure that you do not fall into any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if some issues are encountered while using MegaBox HD for PC?

The best and quickest way is to clear the cache data. Once all this cache data is cleared, the MegaBox HD will again run smoothly.

Since VPN is suggested, does it mean this app has viruses?

No, if MegaBox HD is downloaded from trusted links then there is no risk of any malware or any virus. It is completely safe to use. However, downloading some copyrighted material may cause trouble.


MegaBox HD offers great entertainment especially when it comes to convenience. The viewer can watch popular TV shows and movies free of cost in any electronic device such as Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers. That’s not all, the facility to download movies as per their required resolution too is simply great.

In addition, this app does not need much space in the device and is also very user-friendly, especially the search feature. This feature enables the viewer to search for the preferred movies and shows in very little time. Considering the fact that this app is free and also does not have the disturbance of Ads, it is definitely an app that needs to be downloaded.